Orangatang Moronga 72.5mm Wheels orange (80a)


Orangatang Moronga 72.5mm Wheels orange (80a)

In de Creepz Store in Dordrecht en de Creepz webshop kun je niet alleen terecht voor Creepz artikelen. We hebben ook longboards en cruisers. Of je nu op zoek bent naar een Pintail, Stubby of Poly Prop.

Our Description:

There comes a time in every skater’s life when the light and airy appetizers just don’t satisfy — when the magnitude of their downhill culinary endeavors breaks out of its shell and demands a protein source that is heartier, chunkier, and more gnar-filled…perhaps even coagulatory in character.

Featuring stiff and beefy lips, the Moronga offers smooth slides, reliable traction, and excellent wear characteristics for the discerning downhill freerider. With a 72.5mm centerset and symmetrical shape, the Moronga is poured in our delectable Euphorethane formula for exceptional durability and a bloody long slide. The stone-ground contact patch ensures buttery-smooth slides right out of the box.

Purchase price includes set of 4 wheels.


  • Diameter: 72.5mm
  • Width: 44mm
  • Contact Patch: 35mm
  • Durometer: 80a
  • Core Placement: Centerset
  • Lip Profile: Round
  • Wheel Surface: Stoneground

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Orangatang Moronga 72.5mm Wheels orange (80a)

Orangatang have always been keen on keeping quality urethane in their wheels, and the Morongas are following suit!  The Orangatang Moronga Freeride Wheels are 72.5mm in diameter (while they’re new anyway), centerset, stone ground, and available in three duros: 80a, 83a, and 86a.

We got to try a set of these a while back (presumably a prototype set…) and were pleased with their performance, even on small slopes! We found it very easy to initiate a slide, as well as initiate the return to the roll. The Moronga were designed to be a fun freeride wheel that allows for longer drifts and quicker, faster spins with minimal speed loss.

Based on our experience, the Orangatang Moronga’s will work best on a 38-42″ freeride board, but can still be tons of fun on a shorter board like the Loaded Poke!

The Orangatang Moronga is a technical freeride and freestyle wheel that is super lightweight and narrow to make it lighter. The Moronga is a perfect fit for freeride, cruising, or slides around town.

The Moronga features a centerset bearing seat and a symmetrical shape to allow for complete flexibility in flipping and rotating your wheels to promote even wear. A narrow 35mm contact patch balances the wheel.

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