Zox are designed by artists from all over the world. Each Strap has a limited edition of up to 2000 pieces and if they are all sold, they are no longer reprinted. The straps are also all equipped with a serial number and a plastic card with matching art, a quote and of course the same serial number.

The outside of a strap consists only of artwork and the inside is also provided with a text or word that inspires people or radiates positivity.

The First 100 serial numbers feature the Zox logo in golden stitching and the rest in the silver. This makes them very fanatical and has a true community around where sold-out bands are sold for sometimes four to six times the original prize.

With the purchase of your ZOX you support the Thirst Project! Read more...

ZOX-Outsider Imperial
Double sided Bearing
Always a limited edition of each design
Each Strap is equipped with a serial number