Privacy is a matter of trust, and we attach importance to your trust. We respect your privacy and private life. Therefore, when processing your personal data, we keep to the legal provisions. We would like to inform you about the information we have registered and used, and ask you to provide your consent to certain types of data usage.


A. Order: Your information will be registered, stored and processed by us with a view to settling your order and any subsequent warranty as well as for our services. When your order is settled, the service providers (carriers, logistics companies and banks) that have been selected by us will receive the necessary information. We need your correct address information when ordering products and services. Your phone number is only used in questions. We need your e‑mailadres to be able to confirm the receipt of your order and communicate with you. We also use it for identification (customer login). You will also receive an order confirmation from this address.

B. Customer Login: Your specific order details are stored by us, but cannot be directly requested from us for security reasons. However, any customer who registers to do so will receive direct access from us through a password. This allows you to review information about the orders you have placed, open and recently sent, as well as manage your Adres‑ and bank details and the newsletter. The customer is obliged to treat the personal access data confidentially and not to make available to unauthorized third parties. We are not liable for unauthorized use of passwords, unless the misuse is attributable to us.

C. Advertising purposes: We use your information for advertising purposes, i.e. for information about products from our offer. We only use E‑mailreclame to the extent permitted by law or in so far as you have expressly authorised us to do so.

D. Other data registration and other uses: Website visit and Newsletter: When you visit our website (even if this happens for example via a link in a newsletter), certain data are recorded and stored. For example, to ensure the security of the system, the domain name or IP address of the computer from which the request originated is temporarily stored. This data will be erased after seven days. Also, any data entered, the date of the request, the HTTPS response code, the website from which the computer is on our website and finally the transmitted Data quantity (bytes) are recorded and stored. Usage Behavior Analyses take place only Anonymous (for example: a certain message has been requested by 45% of the newsletter readers). This enables us to tailor our information to the readers ' interests. For the dispatch of the newsletter we make use of the "double opt‑in" principle. This means that we will only send you a newsletter when you confirm in our e‑mailbevestiging by clicking on a link that we need to activate the newsletter service. Of course we also use your personal information to comply with applicable laws and regulations.


CREEPZ uses cookies and other techniques on its website (hereinafter: "Creepz Website"). Of course we want to guarantee your privacy and optimize the usability of your visit to the CREEPZ Website. That is why we consider it important that you know how, why and what cookies we use. The following is an explanation of the use of cookies by CREEPZ.


Cookies are small, simple text files that are sent to your browser on your visit of the CREEPZ Website and then stored on the hard drive or in the memory of your computer or mobile device. The browser can return this information on a subsequent visit to the CREEPZ Website.


Java Scripts and web beacons are standard Internet technologies that, together with cookies, ensure that a system can collect information (javascripts), store it in small, simple text files (cookies) and then send it (web Beacons). Virtually all existing websites and apps use cookies and other techniques. By using cookies and other techniques, CREEPZ ensures, for example, that:

  • Browsing the CREEPZ Website is easier and more enjoyable for you
  • You do not always receive or enter the same information when using the CREEPZ Website
  • We can offer you special functionalities
  • We can keep track of how the Creepz Website is used and where it still needs improvement
  • We can track how often an ad is shown


CREEPZ only uses cookies and other techniques to the extent you have previously given permission to do so. You can decide whether to accept or reject cookies. You can also withdraw your permission for cookies again. If you do not want to receive cookies at all, you can change the settings of your Internet browser to completely block the use of cookies. Please note that some functionalities will then be disabled. You can still consult the CREEPZ Website for information about our actions and products. You can also change the settings of your Internet browser so that your browser will notify you when a cookie is placed. This is explained in more detail later in this Cookie Statement.


CREEPZ uses different cookies. The following is an explanation of the cookies used by us and for what purposes we use them.

  • Functional or necessary cookies
    Functional or necessary cookies help the CREEPZ Website to function properly. These anonymous cookies include:
  • Your preferences, such as language, location and the number of search results you want to show are stored. These cookies, for example, also remember the items you place in the shopping basket and information that you include in (order) forms;
  • Your browser settings are saved so you can view the CREEPZ Website optimally on your display;
  • You have the option to save your login details so that you do not have to re-enter them every time;
  • You can make payments via the CREEPZ Website;
  • It is possible to detect misuse or potential problems on our CREEPZ Website. For example, the registration of a number of consecutive failed login attempts. No permission is required to use these cookies. Therefore, it is not possible to opt out of these cookies.
  • Analytics
    CREEPZ uses Analytics cookies to investigate the use of the Creepz Website. In this way, a permanent cookie is placed on your computer or mobile device. As a result, CREEPZ obtains insight into how and how often the CREEPZ Website is used and can, on the basis of that data, be made adjustments in the CREEPZ Website if necessary. So we make sure that the CREEPZ Website works optimally.

CREEPZ processes anonymous statistics on visits to its Website. This is done with a Web analysis system. The following data are stored in the Web Analysis system via cookies:

  • The IP address
  • Technical features such as the browser you use (such as Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Firefox) and the resolution of your computer screen
  • from which page you have come to the CREEPZ Website
  • When and how long you visit or use the CREEPZ Website
  • Whether you use functionalities from the CREEPZ Website
  • Which pages you visit on the CREEPZ Website


These are cookies that enable functionalities of social media websites. For example, a Google map with interactive route description, a ' like ' button for Facebook
Via the CREEPZ Website access is offered to various social media, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest. With the help of these social media cookies you can share information on the CREEPZ Website with others or recommend it. If you have a webpage on which a social media button is displayed and you click on it, then that social media party will put cookies on your computer or mobile device. These cookies include information about your browser and the websites you've visited with your IP address.

The CREEPZ Website will display videos that come from third parties, including YouTube, for example. These third parties place cookies that make it possible to show the videos to you. Cookies can also be used to track your surfing habits across multiple websites and build a profile of your surfing habits. For the cookies that these third parties place and the data they collect, the terms and conditions of those Parties shall apply. CREEPZ is not responsible for the terms and conditions of third parties. CREEPZ refers to the terms of the following parties: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest.


With these cookies, Creepz keeps track of how many and which advertisements you have seen from CREEPZ and/or from third parties that are shown via the CREEPZ website.

CREEPZ makes use of so-called re-targeting or re-marketing technologies on the CREEPZ Website. In this way we can offer you interesting and personalised offers. To do this, CREEPZ places cookies that allow you to track your surfing habits on the CREEPZ Website and map a profile of your surfing habits. Based on this profile, CREEPZ can show personalized ads to you on third party websites. Conversely, there are other parties, such as media agencies and ad networks, that place advertisements on the Creepz Website. They place ad cookies via the Creepz Website.

Website recommendations, preferences and interest cookies
These are cookies that remember preferences and interests based on your website visit. On this basis we will sometimes apply the contents of the Creepz Website for you at the next visit.


If you don't want websites to be able to store cookies on your computer, you can customize your browser settings accordingly. In that case, you will receive a warning before cookies are placed. You can also change your settings so that your browser refuses all cookies or only third-party cookies. You can also delete cookies that have already been posted. The permission you give to CREEPZ for placing and reading cookies can also be revoked at any time by modifying your browser settings Accordingly, so that your browser does not accept cookies and/or all of your browser already Cookies placed. This may result in some parts of the CREEPZ Website not working properly or more.

How to customize your browser settings varies by browser. The following steps are explained in a step:


Go to the Tools menu > Internet Options > General. Under Browsing history, click Delete. You may not want to delete everything. In any case, make sure Cookies are checked and click Remove.


Go to additional > Options > Privacy. Click Clear your recent history. Under Details You can specify exactly what you want to erase. In any case, check Cookies. You can also specify how old the cookies should be. Choose ' All ' here.


Click on the icon with 3 lines on the top right. Click on additional > to clear browsing data. In any case, make sure that ' delete Cookies and other site and plugin data ' is checked. You can also specify how old the cookies should be. Choose ' All ' here.


Click on the radar icon on the top right. Click on Preferences, go to "Privacy" and click "Remove All Website Data". You can also click "Details" and delete selected data.