Stainless Steel Bottles

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Chilly’s & Creepz Stainless Steel Bottles

Creepz also has a wide range of Chilly’s & Creepz Stainless Steel Bottles. They are available in different colors or prints to match everyones taste.

The bottles will keep your drink hot for 12 hours and cold for 24! This is because every bottle has a double wall and a leak proof cap on top.


The Reusable Bottles we have also help saving the world one day at a time, because we can stop using plastic bottles for good! And the Stainless Steel is also better for your health because it doesn’t release toxic substances, so its a win win for everybody!

The bottles come in a nice package, wich makes it a great gift for the holidays or birthdays. Do I have to say more?!

Oh and.. Don’t forget to Get The Creepz!